Reason for This Season

Nowadays, in U.S culture, we celebrate Christmas as a holiday for family gathering, exchanging gifts,  Santa Clause, and so on. Sometimes maybe going to church and watching some performance and listening to several Christian songs as a bonus. However, after many many years, we gradually forget why we first celebrate Christmas. It was not for any gifts, nor family gathering. It was for the birth of Jesus. He whom was born for us and died for us. He whom should sit on the throne of the highest but came down all the way to the earth and took the very nature of of a servant. He whom humbled Himself and became obedient to death, even death on a cross. How great thy love! How precious thy love! Without Jesus, all of the other reasons for Christmas become meaningless. Oh, king of all kings, Lord of all lords, Name above all names, we worship you on this land, we thank you for coming to earth for us, we thank you for giving life for us so that our sins could be washed, we thank you for all you have done on the cross! This is the reason for this season! 


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